Crossfit Aspirations.

So, I’ve been obsessed with crossfit since I first saw a fellow soldier and blogger (armypaisley) posting on facebook about it. I googled the term-because I’d never heard of it-and fell in LOVE.

Now, I’m still on my weight loss journey and I think my crossfit aspiration has been a serious motivator. I also wanted to get into it right away, but not so much that I smash my face with weights. With that being said, is my best friend. I found a great site by blogger Michael Ashcroft with a 16-day plan to getting eased into crossfit. He has links to everything, including what type of shoes you might need, which is really important in just about any exercise you do if you want to excel at it. 

I’m really excited to get started. Actually, I’m about to start it as soon as I publish and share this post. 🙂

Thanks, armypaisley, for the inspiration. 🙂



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